members emeriti

Any organization like GLIA owes much – if not all! – to the invaluable and tireless contributions of its past members, and especially those members who built GLIA up from its infancy. To these people, once the heart and soul of our merry band and whose footsteps go ever before us, we of GLIA offer our undying thanks and admiration:

Nicole Bowman, General Member ’15-’16

Erin Coffey (Ph.D. 2015)Websultan, Public Relations Chair ’12-’13

Kate Christison-Lagay (Ph.D. 2015)Public Relations Chair ’12-’13, Co-Director, ’13-14; Advisor Emeritus

Felicia DavatolhaghCo-Director '16-'17

Shachee Doshi (Ph.D. 2017)Co-Director '14-'15

Yunshu Fan, Data Eclipse leader ‘17-’19, Brains in Briefs section chief ‘17-’19

Katherine Gribble (Ph.D. 2017)Webmaster, Public Relations Chair ’14-’15

Leo Guercio (Ph.D. 2016)General Member ’13-’16

Nicole Hernandez, Community Building Chair '17-'18

Julia Kahn, Secretary/Treasurer '15-'16

Blake Kimmey, General Member ’14-’16

Maria Fasolino (Ph.D. 2017)Professional Development Chair, ’12-’13 & ’13-’14, General Member, ’14-’15

Kait FolweilerPublic Relations Chair '16-'17

Jesse Isaacman-Beck (Ph.D. 2015)Co-Director, ’12-13; Advisor Emeritus

Toni-Moi Prince (Ph.D. 2013), Secretary ’12-’13

Andrew MooreGeneral Member ’14-’16

Ryan Natan (Ph.D. 2016), General Member ’15-’16

Ceren Ozek (Ph.D. 2015)Outreach Chair ’12-’13; Secretary ’13-’14; Professional Development Chair ’14-’15

Trishala Parthasarathi (Ph.D. 2017)Co-Director '15-'16

Isaac Perron (Ph.D. 2017)Co-Director '14-'15

David Reiner (Ph.D. 2017)Outreach chair '13-'15, Co-Director '15-'16, Treasurer '16-'17

Shivon Robinson (Ph.D. 2016)General Member ’15-’16

Ali Rodgers (Ph.D. 2015), Public Relations Chair ’12-’13 & ’13-’14

Yeri Song, Secretary ’16-’18

Morgan Taylor (Ph.D. 2017), Co-Director '13-'14; Treasurer '14-'15

Alyse Thomas (Ph.D. 2017)General Member '13-'17

Samantha White (Ph.D. 2013), Co-Director, ’12-’13; Advisor Emeritus