Alice Dallstream • Co-Director

Alice is a third-year student (2015 cohort) in the labs of Josh Gold and Michael Platt. When not in lab, Alice enjoys exploring Philly, going to concerts, and tearing up the dance floor.  Current and previous GLIA activities include: ESO activity leader, community building chair, and social nights activity leader. Alice can be contacted at adalls@pennmedicine.upenn.edu

Barbara Terzic • Co-Director

Barbara is a fourth-year student (2014 cohort) studying the genetics behind autism spectrum disorders in Zhaolan Zhou’s lab. During her 3 years in GLIA, she has been involved in numerous outreach and community building activities, and previously served as the chair of GLIA’s professional development committee. Aside from hanging out with autistic mice, she enjoys eating food, cooking food, taking pictures of food, finding additional food around Philly, and (poorly) playing the piano. Barbara can be contacted at bterzic@pennmedicine.upenn.edu


Elelbin Ortiz

Elelbin is a third-year neuroscience graduate student (2015 cohort) studying the molecular basis of simple circuits and behaviors, like the acoustic startle response, in Michael Granato's lab. Outside of lab, she enjoys salsa dancing, biking, and exploring Philly. Elelbin has been a member of GLIA for 2 years and has been actively involved in GLIA’s many outreach events. She is the current outreach chair and has had this position for one year. She can be contacted at ortizel@pennmedicine.upenn.edu

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Jeni Stiso
Professional Development

Jeni is a third-year graduate student (2016 cohort) in Danielle Bassett and Tim Lucas's labs investigating the role of the hippocampus in segmenting temporal events. When she is not sitting at her computer coding, Jeni enjoys hiking, dog-watching, and exploring every restaurant in Philly with 4 stars or more on Yelp. This is Jeni's second year as a full GLIA member, and she has helped organize professional development seminars, the student retreat, and mentoring opportunities. Jeni can be contacted at jeni.stiso@gmail.com

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Nicole Hernandez
Community Building

Nicole is a fourth-year student (2014 cohort) in Heath Schmidt’s lab studying the role of neuroendocrine factors in drug addiction. When she’s not giving rats cocaine, she enjoys dancing, yoga, and being an all around foodie. Nicole has been a GLIA general member for 3 years and has been involved in the planning for Fuel for Successful Scientists, Chalk Talks, NGG Student Retreat, Neuroscience Public Lecture and actively volunteers for GLIA’s various outreach events. Nicole can be contacted at nicolehe@pennmedicine.upenn.edu


Sydney Cason
Public Relations

Sydney is a third-year student (2016 cohort) in Erika Holzbaur’s lab studying the role of motor proteins in autophagosome maturation in neurons. When she isn’t watching fluorescent dots move, Sydney enjoys hiking, running, theatre, and food. This is Sydney’s second year as a GLIA member; she has been involved in planning professional development and recruitment events and serves as GLIA’s public relations chair. Sydney can be contacted at sydney.e.cason@gmail.com

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Patti Murphy

Patti is a fifth-year student (2013 cohort) in Michael Granato's lab studying the role of developmental axon guidance cues in peripheral nerve regeneration. When she’s not cutting nerves with lasers, she enjoys swimming, camping, and eating. During her four years as a GLIA member, Patti co-founded GLIA's Elementary School Outreach initiative and has been involved in planning the Philly Science Festival, Neuroscience Public Lecture, and NGG Student Retreat. She has previously served as Outreach Chair and GLIA Co-Director. Patti can be contacted at patmu@pennmedicine.upenn.edu


Yeri Song

Yeri is a fourth-year student (2014 cohort) in Frances Jensen’s lab studying the auditory cortex critical period in early-life seizure and neurodevelopmental mouse models. When she’s not in the company of mice and convulsants, she enjoys eating and drinking her way through Philly, and numbing her mind with TV. Yeri has been involved in the NGG Student Retreat, Public Lecture, Upward Bound Neuroscience, and additional outreach events. She is currently serving her 2nd year as GLIA secretary. Yeri can be contacted at yerisong@pennmedicine.upenn.edu